My Country

When I was a kid my favourite teacher taught us a poem that struck a chord with me then and continues to do so today.  I think of it every time I go bush. The love of field and coppice Of green and shaded lanes, Of ordered woods and gardens Is running in your veins. … Continue reading My Country



We completed a whole section.  (tired but pleased)  Yay! And it's so pretty.  Katrina joined us today.  Tony put me to work rolling up more of the old fencing (insert bad words here) but Trina helped to organise the barbed wire and it ended up a lot neater this time. The cyclone mesh was loaded onto … Continue reading Re-Fencing

I Think I Got Cow Shit Up the Clacker

It's been a rough couple of days. There is a silage area that needs to be cleared of it's lining, which is long lengths of plastic. They were buried, but they've been lifted up and most of the dirt has been shaken off so now it's just a matter of rolling the plastic into manageable parcels, … Continue reading I Think I Got Cow Shit Up the Clacker

I’m Starting to Hate Watermelon.

Not the good stuff but what is called Afghan or camel melon.  It's a noxious weed that sucks water out of the ground and is a pain in the derriere. It's not native to Oz.  It's believed to have been introduced from the sub-Saharan desert in the mid-1800s by the Afghan camel caravanners, either accidentally … Continue reading I’m Starting to Hate Watermelon.

Eat, Work, Sleep

I really, really want to say a very bad word right about now but I don’t know who’s reading this so instead I shall say goodness me!  I am so very tired. Pooped, if you will. It’s day three at the Murray Bridge cattle stud and we’ve settled into a routine of: WakeUpEatWorkEatWorkEatWorkShowerEatSleep This is … Continue reading Eat, Work, Sleep