It’s been a while . . .

I had a whole post ready to go but it's disappeared into the aether.  Typical.  I can't remember what it was about so it couldn't have been too interesting. I hurt my neck.  Couldn't move it without it hurting.  It was worse after having had Bowen, of course.  But it settled down and I got … Continue reading It’s been a while . . .


Oranges. O.M.G.

I have been banned from the oranges.  I can live with that, funnily enough. It's Easter Sunday and it's all hands on deck as there are a bunch of oranges that need to be picked.  I've slept in, having had 2 days off and I'm not feeling it.  But I'm in the van only a … Continue reading Oranges. O.M.G.

Tickling Dave’s Dates

I'm sitting outside, enjoying the afternoon sun when Dean says I'm on dates.  No worries, I'm nothing if not accommodating.  Wear a long-sleeved shirt, pants your boots and safety glasses. What the . . . ? My roommate hears that Vicki and I are on dates and she is NOT happy.  That job should be … Continue reading Tickling Dave’s Dates

The Grapes of Embarassment.

I have just had the BEST shower of my life!  Ice cold, lathery - I could have stayed there all day.  The relevance of that assertion will become clear.  Patience. I had got into Loxton at 2145 last night.  Joe was on reception and said there was grape picking tomorrow and to be outside at … Continue reading The Grapes of Embarassment.