I’ve been bewildered about most things most of my life.  It’s bewildering.  Things that others take on board (or on the chin) with apparent ease will send me (not screaming because I do have some dignity left) to my doona.  Because it’s safe there.  I can hide.  I can hide from this strange country I’ve been struggling to adapt to for the past 2 years, from the endless tiredness and the Hole, from not understanding people, from being misunderstood, from the fear of disappointing those I love – all of that ridiculousness.

And then one night when I couldn’t sleep I stumbled upon a blogger who, even though she is self-admittedly ‘broken’, is a fabulous example of who I want to be like when I grow up and it was her writings that helped me through those nights – made me think I’d found my tribe –  and also made me think that this would be a good idea.

If it turns out to be a very bad, BAD idea then I shall blame her.  It seems only fair.


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