Just do it!

We have a veranda attached to the outhouse which, for a lot of the year, is a nice place to sit and watch and listen to nature in all it’s glory.  It’s also where the Hub spends most of his quiet time.  Now that the wall is finished, I’ve been nagging encouraging him to build the veranda wall he’s wanted for ages that will shield him from the weather, especially as he’ll be recovering from major surgery in a few months and I’m not having him moaning piteously in the house.  He can do that outside where I can’t hear him.

But he’s been dragging the chain. Getting distracted and bouncing from one thing to anoth – ooh!  Fish! – er and assuring me that’s there’s plenty of time and it won’t take long to build, and he’s just off to take care of some secret men’s business.


Yesterday was quite windy and rainy and in the back of my mind was ‘he needs to get onto the veranda’ but I said nothing, because I’m a good wife. And I think I had already nagged reminded him yesterday. Not sure but it is definitely within the realm of Possibility.

This morning I was woken by the sounds of construction.  Apparently, last night he got smacked in the face by wet leaves.  Bless you, Mother Nature.  Us girls have to stick together.  Sisters unite!  And guess what?

Yup.  It’s finished.