Someone clicked on my blog? No way!

Way!  I’m so new to this that I’m still exploring the pages and options and whatnot that I went to the stats page to have a play and saw that someone had visited me and I’m like “You are shitting me?” and the stats are all like “No, no we’re not.  It happened.” so I have a look and it’s a referral from my current hero The Bloggess.

No.  Way.

My first thought was that it was someone from her office being responsible and making sure that a link to her wasn’t from some deranged stalker who shared her zest for necrophilia (oh that doesn’t sound good).  Necrophiliac?  No.  Deranged stalker?  Open to interpretation. But I followed the referral back and I think it’s because of a comment I made to one of her posts and someone has clicked on my name.  It could be anyone but hey! I am totally cool with the seven degrees of separation.

I don’t even care if they left the moment they realised I wasn’t who they thought I was, or if what they saw was so mindbogglingly tedious their brain shut down in self-defence.

I got me a click.