Typical conversation in this house

The Hub: (on a Thursday)  Okay, I’m off.  I’ll see you Monday or Tuesday, maybe.

Me: ?  Where are you going?

The Hub:  To that party E* was telling you about.  (months ago; brief mention, greatly lacking in detail)

Me:  What party?

The Hub:  The weekend music party, remember?  I said I was going and how much I was looking forward to it.

Me:  No you didn’t.  You’ve been having conversations in your head again, haven’t you.  We’ve talked about this.

The Hub:  I’m sure I told you . . .

Me:  *sigh*  Go in peace, have fun, don’t touch the girls who look nasty and buy your drugs only from reputable drug dealers.

The Hub:  Love you!

Me:  As you should.

*People’s identities shall be kept anonymous for my their safety because I don’t want their getting into trouble for misuse of a household appliance just because they came after me with a chainsaw.  I’m thoughtful that way.  Seriously, almost everyone in these parts has a chainsaw.  It’s like “Honey?  Have you seen my chainsaw?”  “Yes, sweetums.  It’s under the kitchen sink where you left it.”  “Found it!”