Testing . . . testing . . .

Okay.  This is slightly surreal because a) I never thought I’d ever do this as I never have anything interesting to say and b) I can’t imagine anyone listening to what I want to say.  Unless they’ve been trapped by social convention and are just too damned polite to push me out of their way and make their escape.

It’s just occurred to me that I know some very polite people.  Huh!  Who knew.

I just wanted a place to write stuff down, stuff that confuses/scares/amuses/amazes me (and you would be surprised to know how many things are included in all categories), that I can look back at later on.  And show my shrink on demand.  If I get one.  The Outside is welcome to pop in and visit and share their thoughts but only if they’re nice.  There is too much ugly in the world as it is – we shall try very hard not to add to it.





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